Our own bidding app

At Cottonwood Auctions, we've transitioned our real estate auctions to mostly online only events. For online-only auctions, the entire auction takes place on our bidding platform (either on a desktop computer or on the app on your smartphone). We open an auction for bidding over the course of a week, and typically most of the online bidding takes place in the last 24 hours of the online auction. Online-only auctions are a great way to overcome obstacles for bidders including being out of town, bad weather conditions, etc. 

We can communicate with bidders via push notifications that go straight to your smartphone and by email. When you're outbid, you're instantly notified and you can swipe the notification to jump right back into the auction. 

We also have ways for people to bid in person, should they not have access to smartphones or computers.  If you ever have questions about online auctions or online bidding, don't hesitate to call us!