Our Services

Our Services

It's simple: Real estate auctions get results. From start to finish in 60 days; no contingencies, no excuses. 

We work with you to help you understand the different options for auction — the risks and the benefits. 
We develop and implement a strategic 30-day marketing plan that aggressively puts your property in front of serious buyers.
Buyers compete in either a live or online auction for your property, and you get paid in 30 days or less after auction day. 

We auction homes, land, farms and commercial properties. Check out our testimonials to hear what others have to say about working with us.

Types of Auctions We Offer

Absolute Auctions

Absolute auction events are auctions when the product sells to the highest bidder regardless of price. Absolute auctions increase your auction attendance and interest tremendously.

Auctions with a Reserve

A reserve is the minimum price that a seller is willing to accept for a property to be sold at auction. For these auctions, the auction company, along with the sellers, agree that the property will not sell unless and until a reserve price is met .  

Live Auctions

These are auction events that are held on site and are conducted by the auctioneer “calling the bid” in a traditional auction chant style.

Online Only Auctions

These are auctions that are conducted and transacted through online bidding.  Typically, these are timed events where the buyer has a certain number of days or hours to competitively bid on property with a designated close time.

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