Katelyn Prominski, Estate Located in Timberville, VA

I had the best experience working with Cottonwood Auctions! I was out-of-state and trying to sell a unique property that I had acquired in an estate and they could not have made this process any easier for me. They are a very trustworthy and honest company, providing the best service. From our first phone call, to keeping me closely updated throughout the process, to attending closing for me, I feel so fortunate to have found Cottonwood Auctions!

George Collins of Taylors, S.C. (estate located in New Market, Va.)

"We had a fairly challenging estate to settle and our Realtor suggested we talk to Cottonwood Auctions regarding an auction. The concept of selling real property by auction, frankly, always intimidated me. The fact that we live a day’s drive away didn’t help matters.  Then another person, independent of the Realtor, also gave us very positive feedback regarding the knowledge and energy of both Tim and Megan. We met with them and, roughly six weeks later, our properties had sold!  Megan was a special pleasure to work with throughout this project – always knowledgeable and attentive."

Karen Gonyer, Realtor, Kline May Realty

"My client had passed away and his brother was suddenly faced with the daunting task of being the executor of the estate.  I decided to ask the executor if he wanted to explore the option of doing an auction, instead of listing it on the market. Tim came and did a great job explaining the process. With the prospects of a quick sale and less negotiations by the Seller, it became apparent that an auction was going to be the best option for the situation. I was happy to be able to help the client sell their house in this way. Tim and Megan did an excellent job advertising and communicating with both me and the client. We had a lot of interest in the house and ended up getting a great price. I would highly recommend Cottonwood Auctions again!"

Jeff Koeppen of Massanutten, Va.

"We are thrilled with the results of our Cottonwood Auctions partnership. When my parents’ home didn’t sell on the traditional real estate market, we met with Tim and Megan at Cottonwood Auctions. They took the time to explain the auction process and all the details to our family. Through every step of the way, Megan and Tim were there to expertly guide us. The home sold quickly with a pre-auction offer, and we were relieved the entire process was seamless. We’re fortunate to have such a responsive and skilled real estate auction company here in Harrisonburg."

Bruce L. Gordon, Broker/Owner of Hallmark Real Estate

"After selling real estate for more than 25 years and owning my own company, I have come to realize the power of auctions — that some properties will sell for more and quicker at auction than through a traditional listing. My father's property was one of those homes. Cottonwood Auctions did a great job of communicating with me and sold the home for more than we thought we would get for it. Plus, my father was so happy that he didn't have to have work done to the property first in order to sell it."

David Emswiler of Harrisonburg, Va.

"My realtor put me in touch with Cottonwood Auctions after I decided I wanted to sell my property. I met with Tim Peters and after talking to him, I decided to proceed with an auction. I am very pleased with the way everything went. My property was advertised well, and both Tim and Megan did a great job staying in touch with me. I am very satisfied with the results of the auction. They are even helping me with the closing process. I would definitely recommend them to other people."

Val Holmes of Harrisonburg, Va.

"I came to Megan and Tim at Cottonwood Auctions with a little apprehension. I've always thought of auctions as an act of desperation and I really was not desperate. I had a unique family situation and after meeting with them, it just made a lot of sense to go the auction route. It was so easy, and it saved me a lot of time and effort. 

Tim and Megan were very thorough and made sure that I not only understood the process but was comfortable with each step. I knew exactly what to expect, and in the end, I felt like I came away with exactly what I expected. They have definitely changed my opinion of auctions, and I would not hesitate to use them again in similar situation."

The Stevens Family

"We were unable to sell our property after three tries and 7 years using a realtor. Then we called Cottonwood Auctions — problem solved. Megan and Tim were able to work through some title problems and got our property sold at a price we were very happy with in less than a month."

Bobby Stoner, Jr. and Paul Stoner, Grottoes, Va.

"The auction process was simple and straightforward, and we are really happy with how it turned out for us. If we ever decide to auction another property, we would choose to work with Cottonwood Auctions again. They did their best to get us the best price for our property."

The Crider Family of Harrisonburg, Va.

“We inherited our parents’ property, which would have been difficult to sell under normal circumstances. We met with Cottonwood Auctions, and they were happy to help us. It was a quick and easy process, and the property sold for more than we ever expected. We were so happy with the outcome that we ended up using Cottonwood Auctions again for another property and were very successful again. The Cottonwood Auctions team has gone above and beyond our expectations every time we have used them.”

Judy Shell, Homeowner

"Our house had been on the market for several years when our realtor recommended we try Cottonwood Auctions. They sold our property in two months! We couldn't be happier with the Cottonwood Team."

Ritchie Vaughan, Realtor, Kline May Realty

"As a real estate agent, I would gladly partner with Cottonwood Auctions again. Megan and Tim were professional, punctual, and always helpful. They made the transaction extremely easy for me and smooth for my sellers. Cottonwood Auctions produced all of our marketing materials, scheduled everything, coordinated the transaction, and kept our sellers informed along the way. I simply took on a supporting role and received my normal commission. If all home sales were this easy, I could go on permanent vacation and leave the heavy lifting to Megan and Tim."

Isabell Martin, executor of an estate in Harrisonburg, VA

"Cottonwood Auctions did a great job for us. We're extremely happy with the results."

Amanda Deshler of Spotsylvania, Va.

“I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Cottonwood Auctions. I was very nervous about the process, but meeting with Mr. Peters made me feel safe and confident. Cottonwood Auctions took care of all the advertisements and promotions. We had a great turnout for the auction, and I was very satisfied with the final outcome. Everyone I worked with was professional, and I really felt they cared about me as a client. If you are thinking of selling your house at auction, I highly recommend Cottonwood Auctions.”

Brant Suter, Realtor, The Harrisonburg Homes Team

"I am extremely impressed with Tim Peters and Cottonwood Auctions. I referred Tim to clients who owned a home that would potentially not meet 'normal' financing guidelines. From the initial meeting to the completion of the auction, Tim and his staff made the auction process comfortable, achievable, and ultimately, profitable for my clients. I am thankful Cottonwood Auctions was available and ready to help!"

Mari Kelly, Realtor, Long & Foster, Spotsylvania, Va.

“It was fabulous working with Cottonwood Auctions. Right from the go, they were professional, sensitive to my client’s needs and did everything and more that they said they would do. If only all my transactions were as smooth as the ones with Cottonwood Auctions. It made absolutely no difference at all that they are not from my town — I saw them as often as I would have met with any auction company and probably more. Every member of the team was exceptionally polite and communicated wonderfully with both the seller and realtor. I can only say good things and cannot even think of one small area that needed improvement. They are true professionals at what they do, and they achieve what they set out to achieve. My client was delighted with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. To any realtor out there considering the auction route, please feel free to give me a call.”

Eva Ferrell, Realtor, Kline May Realty

“Tim Peters and Cottonwood Auctions were extremely helpful in assisting me with a commercial property for my clients, who were looking for a certain type of building for their construction company. I am a residential agent and have little experience in the commercial realm. Tim was able to help me with the contracts that pertained to commercial real estate and managed to get the sale and closing executed before the auction would have taken place. My clients were very happy with the property, and I was delighted to have worked with Tim on this commercial property.”

Michael Marrin, Partner at Elmore, Hupp and Company, P.L.C.

"Not only did Cottonwood Auctions satisfy my client’s financial goals, they did so much faster than the typical listing route."

Kara Braddick, Realtor, James Wm. Moore Real Estate Co.

"Cottonwood Auctions was a dream to work with! Coming from the Realtor side of listing properties, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when working with an auction company. Cottonwood Auctions could not have made the process smoother. From initially meeting with them about listing the property, to closing the transaction, Megan and Tim were exceptional to work with. They were both amazingly professional, detail oriented and highly responsive throughout the entire process. If I had a question, I knew I could rely on them for a thorough answer and a prompt response. I look forward to partnering with Cottonwood Auctions again in the near future and plan to refer auction-specific business to them without question!"

Angie Forish of Winston-Salem, N.C.

"Working with Tim Peters and Cottonwood Auctions was an excellent experience. I appreciated the up and beyond effort that was displayed throughout the process. I have compete confidence in the abilities and energy of the Cottonwood team to sell properties and offer excellent communication to their clients. Currently, I have asked for their services on a commercial property and residential property sale later in the year. I feel that Tim Peters would be an asset to anyone looking for an agent to represent their interests."

Jeffrey G. Lenhart, Attorney at Lenhart Pettit

"From start to finish, it took Cottonwood Auctions just 30 days to sell my client’s properties. Their aggressive marketing culminated in a professional auction that yielded gratifying results for my client. I wholeheartedly recommend their services!"

Gary Foley of Singers Glen, Va.

“I recently worked with Cottonwood Auctions to sell my property, and the process was very simple. Tim Peters and Megan Reichart did the utmost job with this auction. It was advertised well, and I am very happy with the outcome.”

Jim Ellinger, Trustee of Crimora United Methodist Church

"Cottonwood Auctions exceeded our expectations selling our land for 50% more than we were hoping to net. And all in a couple of months!"

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